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The Myth of the "Good Girl "

So, you found yourself a “good girl.” She has none of the red flags that people talk about, and she checks all the blocks.

But hypergamy doesn’t care about being “good,” women are opportunistic when it comes to “love” and loyalty as a value doesn’t hold much weight for women when it comes to frame. I have seen this situation time and time again; “good girls” mate switching and leaving guys and attempting to destroy the man she once “loved” on the way out.

There are women that are much more capable than others for LTR’s for sure; but there is no “good girl.” There is only frame that the man has the burden to maintain at all times and she has to make to choice to be in, or it’s over. And even then, sometimes it’s still just over because she decides, no matter how good a man’s frame is.

Many guys have a hard time with this. They WANT to believe that if only they find a girl who is a virgin or has low notches, or comes from a good family, or isn’t “westernized,” or insert whatever “good girl” requirements, then she will be loyal and love them just like mommy used too no matter what. In fact, if you tell them otherwise or post anything that challenges the safe world theory of the “good girl,” they will fight against it and point and sputter like their life is in danger. Because they want certainty, where there is none. Only probabilities and choices.

And this is the “good girl” myth. Guys cling to this idea because they can’t handle or face the cold hard truth; which is that no matter how “good” she is, every woman is capable of discarding a man and burning the entire village on the way out if she believes it’ll suit her. Never forget that.

Get the idea out of your head that she is a “good” girl. There are no “good girls.” There are just “girls” of various traits, values, and capabilities. And sometimes a woman just leaves because that’s what she decides; having nothing to do with her being “good” or “bad”. You need to be able to be ok with that.

- Paul

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