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Paul Benjamin

Paul is a world renown mindset, persuasion, sexual dynamics, and relationship expert. He is known for using a process called neuro behavioral conditioning to help people rapidly create lasting changes in their behaviors and emotional and mental states. He also runs elite coaching programs that teach how to read, persuade and lead others, and that help men have and be the best in dating, sex, and relationships.



Clients whose lives have changed with Paul


- A seven figure earning top tier entrepreneur recently divorced getting back into dating. 

- A 25 year old virgin with a speech impediment wanting to gain confidence and have girls in his life. 

- A blue check mark celebrity needing to remove toxic beliefs and behaviors and learn to better navigate the dating market. 

- A 27 year old professional athlete needing to overcome sexual dysfunction and improve sexual skill. 

- A 19 year old woman trying to overcome sexual anxiety and navigate the dating market as a young attractive female. 

- A pastor handling jealousy and anxiety over his wife's sexual past. 

- A doctor needing an image consultant for his brand, and for his dating apps. 

- A 28 year old man running a start up and wanting to increase his productivity and success. 

- A 42 year old single mom trying to overcome abusive relationship trauma and figure out how to avoid toxic patterns. 

- A married couple of 7 years trying to find that love and passion for each other that they once had.

- A combat veteran learning to manage PTSD, depression, and get back into physical fitness. 

- A 37 year old man wanting to get his ex back, or move on from her. 

What do all these seemingly unrelated people have in common?

Paul has helped them create breakthroughs, and exceed their goals and expectations.


Paul uses a multi-disciplined approach utilizing evolutionary psychology, biology, behavioral, traditional, and performance psychology to help people all over the world change their minds, relationships, and lives for the better. Paul's live and online events, courses, one-on-one consults, and products will help close the gap between where you are to where you want to be.


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