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Photo exchange and how to respond

Say you met at a bar and don’t remember what she looks like, you could be just flirting with each other, or whatever the case maybe. She sends a picture that she does look good in (women love to do that for attention even if they never intend to meet up, just keep in mind).

Be sure you when you respond you don’t hit her back with the triple text.

All you need is “so besides your looks, tell me something about you that’s also hot?” Or something along those lines.

When you are deciding what picture to send her back, be sure you don’t look like you could be her uncle, or her creepy neighbor from next door.

You need to make sure to send photos that will at least match your looks or elevate them just a little. Send a picture of you doing some type of fun activity or of a night out with friends.

For example, you could try a picture of you and another girl, tell her that’s my cousin or something. This is not about the girl, it's just about the photo.

Be sure you use an attractive photo! Not a photo that was taken at a bad angle, that could make you look fat! Also, try to avoid ones that make you look older than your age.

A 20 something chick who you met out or even on a dating app has a good chance of rejecting because of a bad pic.


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